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Cloud Computer Services Bolton

Recent years has seen the growth of computer technologies and the latest innovation is cloud computing. Cloud computing allows you to put more of your material (i.e. emails, documents, applications etc) on to the internet and less on to your actual computers and/ or servers. All your material is readily accessible which also means that you and your staff can log on from any device with access to the internet including tablets and smart-phones.

Cloud computing is fast becoming an IT revelation for small and medium businesses as it provides an easier, cost efficient and more flexible IT infrastructure. Most IT Services in Bolton will provide cloud computing via the relevant software which is often similar to a Web browser.

You will more than likely have experience of some form of cloud computing. If you have an iphone or ipad then you will probably have set up an icloud account which stores all your music, contacts and data on the service’s computer cloud. This means that if your device (e.g. iphone) is damaged then the data is safe and can be added easily enough to a new device etc.

Cloud computing means that there is less demand on a computers hardware and software which should result in a shift in the type of IT support Bolton offers. There are a number of different types of cloud computing, but providers should be well versed in the different types and they will direct you as to the most suitable cloud computing for your needs and requirements.