Keeping  safe.

Data security is moving fast.
Fortunately, we move faster.

You’ve got to get up early to beat the spammers and corporate fraudsters. At Clever IT, that’s what we do. Preparing and protecting. Investigating and innovating. Helping you to stay ahead by thinking ahead about IT security issues, legislation compliance and your data protection obligations.

We’ll immediately identify if your systems and processes are robust enough (many aren’t) and if your business is in danger of a data breach (many businesses unwittingly are).

From super-secure back up and staff monitoring to anti virus solutions and taking care of spam, spam, and more spam, we’re on it.

As specialists in securely managed IT services, we’re here to make the future infinitely more secure. From staff issues like employee fraud and ex-employee data leakage to filtering out spam emails before they corrupt your corporate network and vanquishing viruses before they compromise your network, nobody takes care of it like us.

To see how we can make your business safer, sound us out on 03300 417 057.