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It’s good to know someone in IT. Particularly if they’re clever.

Everybody in business needs somebody in IT, sometimes. But not all the time. That’s why at Clever IT we’re here to ensure that your business gets all the help and support you need, without paying for support you don’t. As standard, we carry out a deep-dive Health Check including a review of hardware, software packages and your in-house IT knowledge. Then we’ll provide a bespoke IT support package tailored exactly to your needs.

From intelligent IT hardware installations and advanced network troubleshooting to QUICK, LOW-TECH IT FIXES, our personable and proactive staff are here to help.

Whether you’ve got your own IT set up and just need support for more complex network issues, or you’re an SME with zero IT capability, we’ll provide a more efficient and cost effective support solution. Or alternatively, if you’re looking to update your hardware, we can provide complete specifications, from laptops to routers to servers and all points in-between.

You don’t even have to be a Clever IT customer. If you just need tech or computer support right now and have no IT support contract, simply call us for a competitive hourly rate to fix your IT problem.

For Clever IT support or simply to tap into our knowledge call us on 03300 417 057